Have you ever felt, like you aren’t there? You’re all alone, maybe lying in your bed or walking down the street and you feel so hollow. You feel invisible. 

You lie in your bed. Or maybe you sit on your couch. Maybe you’re texting a friend back or you’re just scrolling through Instagram. Maybe you’re watching the latest Snapchat-stories and check your mails. In between you might get up to get yourself a tea or a coffee. As always. And the whole time, you don’t really feel, like you’re existing. You are there, sitting in your room and nobody knows. You are breathing, you are blinking, you are alive. But you don’t really feel alive. You feel unimportant. You are all alone, you aren’t talking to anybody, you just sit there and you do what you do. But you feel like nobody thinks about you. Everybody’s doing what they should be doing. Everybody’s minding their own business. And so are you. You just exist, but you don’t really feel like you have a value.

Maybe you’re walking down a street. You have your earphones in and you listen to music to turn off the world around you. It may be raining. Everyone’s faces are covered ny their hoods. People walk past each other. They stare at their phones and don’t look up. You walk past them and if you see someone’s face, you’ll forget about it within the next minute. So do they. They won’t remember you. You are not important and you can feel that. 

Have you ever felt like that? Like you may be existing, but you know the world would still turn if wouldn’t be walking on it.


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