About consumer society and the fear of boredom

Our society is literally afraid of boredom and society hates nothing more than being bored. Boredom is one of the last remaining taboos.

This fear of boredom creates a pressure. And even tho nobody will admit it, everyone’s under this pressure. It creates a pressure of always being active and always being busy. And social networks increase that pressure. Today, everyone posts about their looks, about their day, about their family, about their holidays and there are pictures online from people at the dentist or at the tax adviser.

People know in January, that they’ll be in Thailand on August 15th. And they even get a discount on booking early. But the day before they fly there, they clean their flat. They clean their flat, because it makes everything nice and pretty. But if everything’s nice and pretty, then why don’t you stay home? So people know, that they’re gonna fly away on August 15th, but they also know that they’ll have to clean their flat on August 14th. Often, people fly away on the first day of the holidays and they come back on the last day of holidays. So they’re coming back, it’s the last day of holidays and they open their door and they’re home. Everything’s clean. And they think. They think: “Damn. It is so nice to be back home. It’s actually quite nice here. Everything’s clean. But damn. I gotta go to work tomorrow.”

Everyone’s travelling all year and showing everyone via Snapchat or Instagram. You could asume that getting to know different cultures and different countries could make us more tolerant. As much as we travel, we should be very tolerant. But that’s not the way it is. Everyone’s travelling and racist people like Donald Trump are seriously having a chance to be president of the United States. 

Besides telling you to stop making stupid people famous, I want you think about how people travel. People travel without values. No one drives through Africa, comes back, and decides to write a book about life. We consume those countries. It’s like a competition. Like some kind of battle. It’s about driving somewhere, taking pictures, post them to show everyone about how good your life is and coming back. It’s only consuming. A lot of people fly to Miami, walk straight up to the beach, look for a place between the huge amount of other tourist and just lie there. They lie on the beach and come back, two weeks later, just as stupid as they’ve been before. 

Let me tell you this. If it is relaxing for you, to lie in the sun between tons of other people just to have a nice tan when you come back, that’s fine. Go for it. But keep in mind, that you only have one life. Think about how to spend your money and think about where to go this summer. Get off your phone once in a while. Reflect. Learn. Appreciate. 


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