50 things girls like about boys

  1. If boys have dark hair 
  2. If boys have light hair
  3. If boys with blue eyes 
  4. If boys with green eyes 
  5. If boys have brown eyes
  6. Boys with lighter skin
  7. Boys with darker skin 
  8. Boys with abs
  9. Boys without abs
  10. Skinny boys
  11. Chubby boys
  12. If boys have cheekbones
  13. Boys without cheekbones
  14. Boys in suits
  15. Boys in jogging pants
  16. Boys in sweatshirts
  17. If boys are covered in tattoos
  18. If boys only have a few tattoos
  19. Boys without tattoos
  20. Boys with a big butt
  21. Boys with a small butt
  22. If boys are taller than you
  23. If boys are smaller than you
  24. Boys who dominate at football 
  25. Boys who aren’t into football 
  26. Boys that eat salad
  27. Boys that eat burgers and fries
  28. If boys chase their dreams
  29. Boys who don’t have a big dream yet
  30. Guys that are not emotionally weak 
  31. If boys show their emotions
  32. Funny boys
  33. Serious boys
  34. Brave boys
  35. Shy boys
  36. If a boy talks for hours
  37. Quiet boys
  38. If guys are confident
  39. If guys still have to work on their confidence
  40. Real, deep conversations
  41. Nonsense but funny conversations
  42. When he thinks you’re pretty without makeup 
  43. When he thinks you’re pretty with make up
  44. Boys who can cook
  45. Boys who can’t cook
  46. If guys text back immidiately
  47. If guys take their time to text back
  48. If a boy laughs loudly
  49. If a boy giggles
  50. If a boy is himself and does not change because of some stupid people on the internet.

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